Foundation of the Sacred Stream - Integrated Energy Medicine Immersion Workshop

Integrated Energy Medicine Immersion Workshop

iem_icon_large.jpgThis class focuses on the energetic anatomy of the physical body, ray systems and energy fields that interact with the physical body, but exist independently of it. Several different models for understanding energy systems are presented, including chakra systems, channels and magnetic fields.

Special attention is placed on understanding the differences between external and internal transmission of energetic information. Exercises and practices for deepening the capacity to perceive phenomena arising on the energetic level is emphasized.  Ray systems, including Reiki, are examined and methods for channeling rays and moving energy fields through different types of systems will be explored.

Tuition: $595
When: Every spring term

All classes are held at the Sacred Stream Center (2149 Byron St, Berkeley, CA) unless otherwise indicated.

Student Quotes:

“I’ve been studying energy for nearly twenty years, and no one is teaching this material.” - Kevin M (Acupuncturist)

"I just wanted to let you know valuable the classes I took with you have been for my massage and healing practice. I have been using the Depth Hypnosis and shamanic and energy medicine techniques I learned from you in 2005 almost everyday. Even though I do not call myself a “hypnotherapist”,  I learned how use my voice as an energetic tool in my sessions. What you are teaching is incredibly powerful and very, very useful for massage therapists."  - Jerry L.

"As a Reiki practitioner, I benefited greatly from Isa’s teachings particularly her understanding of the chakras and her teachings on moving energy fields within the body.  Thank you, Isa." - M.P. (Therapist and Reiki Master)



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