Foundation of the Sacred Stream - Ceremony Services

Ceremony Services

Ceremonies Crafted with Intention

The sanctuary at the Sacred Stream Center provides a beautiful space for all types of ceremonies, including weddings, funerals, baptisms and more.  We have ministers available to perform ceremonies and we welcome ministers from other traditions to hold ceremonies here as well.

Today, more and more people are interested in creating their own ceremony or modifying one from their own spiritual or cultural tradition. The Foundation of the Sacred Stream is a non-denominational spiritual organization. Our ministers are trained in spiritual and healing traditions from around the world. They are knowledgeable in how to create ceremony and how to prepare ceremonial space and they will gladly help you create the kind of ceremony that best supports your intentions.

With the help of the ordained ministers of the Foundation of the Sacred Stream, you can create a ceremony that is alive with meaning and purpose. Each ceremony is crafted with your intention in mind.

The ceremonies the ordained ministers of the Foundation of the Sacred Stream provide include 

·      Weddings,

·      Birthways,

·      Baptisms,

·      Commitment ceremonies,

·      Funeral services 

·      Renewal of vows

·      Any celebration!

"There are as many religious beliefs in the world as there are human beings. This is as it should be." - Mahatma Gandhi