Foundation of the Sacred Stream - Initiations of the Sacred Feminine

Initiations of the Sacred Feminine


Join Isa Gucciardi, Ph.D., author of Return to the Great Mother, for this workshop that helps women connect to the initiations of power that are generated by their bodies. Students will gain new appreciation for the stages of their lives as marked by the important changes in their bodies - including puberty, birth, menopause and even death. This workshop is an opportunity for women to understand themselves, their life path, and their bodies in a new light. And in experiencing their profound connection to the cycles and wisdom of the Earth, students will step into a new understanding and power within themselves.

Class Details and to Register:

Tuition: $295

All classes are held at the Sacred Stream Center (2149 Byron St, Berkeley, CA) unless otherwise indicated.

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Student Quotes:

"Thank you very much for offering these women's classes this year. Working with the Great Mother is turning out to be the most important backbone of my own practice this year." - Carly P.


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image_3.png Great Mother Meditation

For connecting with the mystery of the creative and generative force of the great feminine. Download $3.99 double_arrow_small.png