Foundation of the Sacred Stream - Transpersonal Studies Overview

Transpersonal Studies Overview

ts_icons_large.jpgIn working with life experiences such as relationships, grief, birth, parenting and even death, we each have an opportunity to expand ourselves, both spiritually and emotionally. Dreams, the shamanic journey, and even meditation are helpful tools that can be used to explore the psyche and experience the self as part of something larger. It is this engagement with larger consciousness that characterizes the work done in the Transpersonal Studies workshops. The Transpersonal Studies Program is informed by Buddhist perspectives and the work of leaders in the field of Transpersonal Psychology, including Carl Jung, Abraham Maslow and Christina and Stanislov Grof, to name a few.  It is designed to help participants examine everyday life experiences to better understand themselves, consciousness and the nature of reality. More about Transpersonal Studies

TPS Classes:

Initiations of the Sacred Feminine
Initiations of the Sacred Masculine
Tracking Spirit in the Birth Environment
The Path of Service
Working with Dreams
Maintaining Your Dreams Practice
Art and Spirit
Relationship and Karma
Relationship and Power
The Inner Self in Relationship
Talking About Relationships
Perspectives on Grief and Loss
Understanding the Worlds Beyond Death

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