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Foundation of the Sacred Stream
A Quarterly Newsletter from the Foundation of the Sacred Stream ISSUE 14| APRIL 2009
Creating Pathways to wholeness
Policy Changes 2009

As a small organization, we at the Foundation of the Sacred Stream enjoy being accessible and non-corporate. We also have a very limited staff and are finding that some of our policies have been a bit too informal, causing us a great deal of extra administrative time. In an effort to reduce some of this time, we are implementing a few modest policy changes.  

To begin, we are creating uniform payment plans and will be charging a small fee for payments that extend beyond the date of the class. Financial aid payment plans will also be available, as well as small scholarships, which will require an application and may require proof of hardship. 

We will continue our policy of allowing students to retake our classes at a significantly reduced rate. However, due to the popularity of this policy, we will be limiting the number of return students allowed to pre-register for a class and the rest will be put on a waiting list. We will notify students on the waiting list between two and seven days prior to class. For students who have already repeated a class, they will automatically be put on the waiting list for that class. We anticipate that most people on a waiting list will be able to get into the class, but cannot guarantee it.

The cost to repeat classes held in San Francisco will be 25% of the regular tuition rate. The return student fee for classes will be subject to the same cancelation policies as regular tuition. Please note that we will consider reducing or waiving the return student fee in cases of hardship.

Regarding payment for classes, please note that some of our classes will incur late fees for registering after a certain date. These are mostly retreat and advanced courses. We will continue to offer early registration discounts for all of our classes. We will also be implementing a charge for paying the day of class, as this is distracting to the teacher and causes more work for our administrator. Also, it’s really easy to pay by check or credit card prior to the day of class. 

Please refer to the information emails that are sent out when you sign-up for a class to see the specific cancellation fees and other policies that pertain to your particular event. You are not considered registered for a class until you have paid for that class. 

Finally, please refer all questions of a logistical sort to our administrator. While a teacher may want to be helpful and answer your questions, they are not always fully informed as to policies and such and may provide incorrect information, which we will not be able to honor. If you have any questions, you can contact us at info@sacredstream.org.