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Foundation of the Sacred Stream
A Quarterly Newsletter from the Foundation of the Sacred Stream ISSUE 14 | APRIL 2009
Creating Pathways to wholeness
A Trip To Ancient Scotland: Student Testimonials
Here’s what past students have to say about the Ancient Scotland retreat:Ring of Brodgar

Traveling to Orkney with Isa and Laura's class was one of the best group experiences I've had in my life. It also served as an awesome introduction to the spiritual technologies of the Neolithic age. The remains are remarkable, and Isa and Laura did a great job of feeding us just enough historical and archaeological information to set the context but then encouraging students to experience these sacred places directly for ourselves, in both ordinary and nonordinary reality. You can understand why this became a site of pilgrimage and sacred building; the islands themselves are magical - so far north that you feel the curvature of the earth, and land, sea and sky come together so closely that you aren't quite sure sometimes if you are walking, swimming or sailing through the air.  Sarah M.

The Orkneys trip was a true homecoming for me. Just thinking about the sense of home and adventure, rolled into one, that I felt during the trip brings tears to my eyes even today. It was such a blessing, all of it. I reconnected with some truly ancient friends in the most surprising ways, and in a way, I felt that the trip rejuvenated me and gave me a new lease on life. It was truly a life-changer for me in the most positive way.  Johan R.

Scotland is an initiation into an important message for our times, how to be in connection with the earth and a gatekeeper for this modern era.  Being on the land is a transformational experience, a profound remembering of the sacred mystery and divine feminine that is alive in our consciousness and souls.  Isa's class provides an entry point to the wisdom that is available and ready to be integrated to deepen our sense of our selves and connection with each other.  There is nothing like the Orkney's.  It was a truly deep and mystical experience.  Sarita S.