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Foundation of the Sacred Stream
A Quarterly Newsletter from the Foundation of the Sacred Stream ISSUE 16 | NOVEMBER 2009
Creating Pathways to wholeness

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RI Space Clearing Society Hits the Ground Running


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Ethnobotany of Mesa Verde

Note from the General Manager

Welcome to the Fall 2009 edition of our quarterly newsletter. We have had an eventful season, beginning with the opening of the Sacred Stream Center in Berkeley, CA and a well-attended Open House in October. We want to thank everyone who participated in making it a success. On the east coast our New England community continues to expand with the start of a journey group and the creation of the New England chapter of the Space Clearing Society.

We have some wonderful events happening through the end of the year, including the launching of our new website on November 17, a screening of the film, For the Next 7 Generations (presented by Valerie Aksoy) on November 14, the Solstice Drumming Circle in Berkeley and Rhode Island on December 13, and a special New Years Eve meditation on December 31. Prior to the meditation, there will be a showing of a remarkable documentary – the story of a Tibetan Buddhist monk who searches for and finds the reincarnation of his deceased teacher.

We also have some exciting developments in the offices of Sacred Stream, beginning with the newest member to our staff, Cindy Yoshiyama. Cindy will be taking over student services for Simone Sandy, our office guru, who will be taking maternity leave through April! (Read more about Cindy below.)

We have a lively winter and spring semester on the horizon with Distance Learning workshops on Relationships 1: Birth Family Dynamics and Dreams. We have two awesome Destination Studies classes coming up in 2010 (Ethnobotany of Mesa Verde in Colorado and Huna: Spirits of Hawaii in Hawaii) along with a full roster of classes in Berkeley, CA and Wakefield, RI. In this issue of our newsletter you’ll find student reflections on the Ancient Scotland retreat, a report from the Rhode Island Space Clearing Society, as well as our regular features, including Ask Isa (on the nature of karma), Journey On It, and our Featured Practitioner, Joanna Adler.

Wishing you well,

Laura Chandler, CHT
General Manager
Foundation of the Sacred Stream

Welcome Cindy Yoshiyama: Please join us in welcoming our newest staff member, Cindy Yoshiyama (Student Services Manager/ Marketing Coordinator). Cindy spent the past three years living in the Venice region of Italy. She worked at an international school where she helped start an afternoon language program. While she was there she became enamored with the countryside and the people living there. She spent most of the past year researching and writing a non-fiction book centered on this community and the viticulture of the region. Upon returning stateside, she was drawn to FSS's mission and, having grown up Buddhist, sought to reconnect with her inner "Buddha" through her work with the organization. She hopes to make a difference in other people's lives through supporting FSS. Having studied the violin for 14 years, she still tries to find the time now and again to dust off her instrument and play a minuet or two. She also loves writing short fiction, keeping fit with yoga and discovering new cultural threads through her travels.

Sacred Stream Open House: Our Open house in October was a great success with over one hundred and forty people in attendance. We want to thank everyone who helped with set-up, clean up, flowers for the altars, those who baked wonderful treats and all those who donated raffle items. A special thanks to Grace Furst for managing the entire event, Deborah Hall for acting as our impromptu photographer, and Rachel Yellin for selling so many raffle tickets that we were actually able to raise half the money needed to paint the sanctuary.

Website Launches November 17th: Our new and improved website launches next week. Navigation and functionality has improved so that you will be able to register and pay for classes online. Our store has also expanded and we now offer a line of meditation downloads, music downloads and a variety of other items such as T-Shirts and CDs. We will continue to grow and offer free items including our new podcast series, Sacred Stream Radio. Visit our store once it launches to receive a free music download!

Gift Certificates for the Holidays: It’s that time of year and we have just the thing for your gift giving this holiday season – Sacred Stream Gift Certificates. Give the gift of a class this year. Just visit our store to make your purchase and we’ll take care of the rest!

Make a Donation: We know that everyone has many important charities to give to this year. If you would like to support our efforts here at the Foundation, you can do so with a tax-deductible gift to our scholarship fund to help students who need a hand with their education, or to our general fund so that we can continue making repairs to our center. To date, we have given away over five thousand dollars in scholarships raised through CD sales and a percentage of student tuition that we set aside from each class. We hope to expand what we can give through charitable contributions and the support of our growing community.

Reflections on Orkney

My Knowing of this Place

By Terri Salvatore-Swahn

While I was in Orkney, some teachings came to me over the course of the week. Some of the information provided to me was a mystery; perhaps its full explanation will be revealed to me at a later time. On the first night, as I drifted into sleep, a geometric pattern opened like a fan in my mind’s eye. It was a semi-circle with some writing that I couldn’t read. While visiting a cairn (tomb) a few days later, I saw this same writing configuration on the walls of the chamber. As the days went by, I saw this design as a welcome from the spirits into their world; it was a guide into their knowledge.

On my first trip to the Ring of Brodgar, I felt my body levitating as I leaned against one of the massive stones. It was the same feeling I had at Dwarfie Staine a few days earlier, when I crawled inside the hollowed stone that was carved by Neolithic man, using only bone and antler as tools. When another sister entered the chamber to sit beside me, I felt a lift—the same displacement that happens when someone gets on a rubber raft. The Ring of Brodgar held that same buoyancy for me, as if it were a trampoline. I sensed it served as a membrane, holding the psychic fabric of its surrounding society. One night while meditating at Brodgar, I noticed small fires burning at the base of four of the stones in the ring. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and looked several times to be sure it was there. The flickering of light danced halfway up four of the stones. I sensed that the flames had something to do with the initiates across the way at Dwarfie Staine.

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CONNECTIONS with the energies of the Orkney Islands

By Marion Lovinger

Still and grounded, watercolor cill rialaig
Like the rock in the waves,
Quite unmoved by the dance of the water and the wind,
Exposed at times, always there,
Shining and raw, truthful and authentic,
Sturdy and free,

In touch with the earth on which I stand, sit or lay down,
Like on a mother,
Soft and nurturing,
Flowers, mud and grass,
Sand and water,

Big layers of stones,
Shaping and defining the chambers in the Cairn,
Protecting the sacredness of the void
in which birth and death
can smoothly cycle,

Up to the sky,
Experiencing the courage of the stones,
erected towards the Heavens, reaching to the celestial spheres,
Keeping track of their paths,
Knowing they are still there even when they vanish in the light,

Down to the center of the earth,
Nested inside the rocks,
Drawn to the mineral smell,
To the mineral composition of my bones and the desire to crack them open,
To let the stardust of my inspiration go back to the sky,

Like the Ring of Brodgar,
Like the Moon and the Sun around the Ring of Brodgar,
Like my energy widened to the circumference of the Ring of Brodgar,
Like the people of all times walking around the Ring of Brodgar,
Like our circle,

Void and deep,
Like the chambers in the Cairn,
Concave as a womb,
As a keyhole carved in the stones,
Waiting for the correct key to open the door to the universal flow.
Featured Practitioner: Joanna Adler
Joanna Adler PhotoI became a student of healing very early on in my life. There were always spiritual teachers in our house as I was young, and the awareness of spiritual and energetic concepts was part of the ethos in which I grew up. Because I started early, I have had the opportunity to study extensively in many different modalities…from energy healing to spiritual practice to psychology. I received my doctorate degree in clinical psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies, where I specialized in Transpersonal Psychology. I studied and practiced Quantum Energy work for ten years, as well as being a student of Buddhism and other spiritual traditions. But it was not until I encountered Depth Hypnosis that I found an approach to healing that integrated all of my interests. Since this discovery, I have studied extensively at the Foundation of the Sacred Stream: in Depth Hypnosis, Energy Medicine, Shamanism, Earth Wisdom, and Buddhism.

The root of most human difficulty, I believe, is the estrangement from the Self. This disconnection can manifest in many different kinds of patterning – ways in which we compensate, hide, or otherwise react to our lack of connection to ourselves and to Spirit. I feel blessed to now be able to see, hear, and feel the energetic antidotes to these negative patterns, and help others to discover and heal them for themselves.

I specialize in helping people change their relationship to anxiety and depression, grief, trauma, negative family patterns, and life transitions. I also work extensively to support women and families through prenatal and postpartum adjustment, birth preparation and recovery, infertility, and the process of orienting to the path of service called “parenting”. Whether in teaching, leading groups, or individual sessions, I am grateful to be able to offer the skills of a licensed psychologist, a Depth Hypnosis Practitioner, a Shamanic Practitioner, and a Reiki Master.

I love going into my office each day, and feel it is an incredible privilege to take part in guiding and supporting other human beings on their journey. I welcome new clients into my practice, both in San Francisco and San Rafael. I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else.

Joanna Adler, PsyD, CHT
Journey On It..."Being a Healer"

By Jen Walters

The shamanic journey is a method of working in an altered state and is achieved by using
sound, such as a repetitive drum beat.  It is called "shamanic" because working in an altered state in this way is found in most indigenous cultures.  However, it is not limited to shamanism.  The journey can be described as an active form of meditation and is very useful in exploring the psyche and enhancing personal growth. Our purpose in offering this column is to create a forum, like those created in our classes, where people engaged in a shamanic journey practice may deepen their work with the journey, and their understanding of the journey as a tool for healing. The journeys shared here are offerings meant to shed light on the reader's own process. We invite you to contribute a journey, or simply receive the journeys in the sacred manner in which they are intended. To submit a journey for consideration, please email us at info@sacredstream.org.

I journeyed to the upper world with the intention of getting an answer to a question I had about being a healer. When I traveled to the upper world, I was put on a ski lift that reminded me of the wooden swings I used to swing on as a child where there are 2 facing benches. I was accompanied by a small Chinese woman and when we reached the top we waited, as though waiting to enter the doctor’s office.

When it was my turn I entered a doorway. Inside the door was a huge office, like what I would imagine a lawyers office to look like, or a college professor. There was a massive wooden desk and leather armchairs and lots of official looking books on the wall behind the desk. I sat down at the desk, as though sitting at the principal's office. Behind the desk was a man reading a newspaper. When he lowered the newspaper the man was in a God costume. He was probably in his mid-thirties and he had a wig of long gray hair and a long gray beard, and he was wearing a long white burlap dress/robe. He was the image of a cliché god that we are told about in bible school as children. The official office and the costume was my spirit guide, or “God”, poking fun at me and teasing me by providing me with what I guess I kind of expected to maybe see in the “upper world.”

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Rhode Island Space Clearing Society Hits the Ground Running

By Nan Burke

gardenThe inaugural meeting of the Rhode Island chapter of the Foundation of the Sacred Stream's Space Clearing Society was held on August 4, 2009 in North Kingstown, Rhode Island. Eighteen people, all graduates of the Foundation of the Sacred Stream's Applied Shamanism program gathered at Claudia Flynn's artist’s studio. The studio is located in a old mill building. The workers at this mill had manufactured staples and made blankets for the Union side in the Civil War. The mill had also served as a prison camp during the Civil War for prisoners of war.

At the opening of the meeting, we discussed the beginnings of the Space Clearing Society in the San Francisco Bay Area, and the inspiring work the Space Clearing Society has done there - including a recent space clearing in the Labor and Delivery unit of a Bay Area hospital. Members of the hospital staff had invited the Space Clearing Society, and they found the clearing to be unexpectedly and profoundly helpful.

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ASK ISA: This Month's Q & A Addresses "Fate, Karma, and Freedom"

Do you think that everything is predetermined? Can we change our fate, or are we just playing out a predetermined script that we have no control over?

When looking at predestination, it is helpful to consider the concept of karma. Karma is both more complex and less complicated than most people think. In simple terms, karma is action and its consequences.

But karma is not consequences in the sense of punishment and reward that some traditions have popularized. It is subtler than that. The consequence of any given action is that the actor is impelled into engagement with another sequence of actions that follow a logical path of experience. Because this is true, if we engage in actions that are harmful to ourselves or to others, we deepen our connection to the harmful consequences of those actions.

Most of us are unaware of the workings of karma. We do not understand the importance of the choices we make moment to moment. For instance, we do not understand how important it is not to indulge ourselves by harboring grudges, gossiping, or lying about seemingly unimportant issues. This is because we fail to connect the consequences revealed in our daily experience with these actions.

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Do you have a question you'd like to ASK ISA?

Email info@sacredstream.org with ASK ISA in the subject line and we will select one question each month to include in this column.

Isa Gucciardi, Ph.D., is the Founding Director of the Foundation of the Sacred Stream and the primary teacher for the Foundation's programs in Depth Hypnosis, Applied Shamanism, Buddhist Psychology, Integrated Energy Medicine, Transpersonal Studies, and Destination Studies.

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Screening of For the Next 7 Generations
Saturday, November 14; 7pm
Suggested Donation $15
Sacred Stream Center
Berkeley, CA
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Winter Solstice Drumming Circle
Sunday, December 13; 7pm
Sacred Stream Center
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Sacred Stream Movie Night: radishesThe Unmistaken Child
Thursday, December 31; 7pm
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New Year's Eve Meditation
December 31 - January 1
9pm to 1am
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Spring Equinox Drumming Circle
Sunday, March 21; 6:30pm
Sacred Stream Center
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Teleclasses are interactive distance learning courses similar to a conference call, and taught by Isa Gucciardi, PhD. Each participant can just listen and absorb, or engage in the discussion. You do not need a computer to participate in a teleclass. All you need is a telephone and you can call from anywhere!

What is the Shamanic Journey
Wednesday, January 20; 6pm PST, 9pm EST

What is Buddhist Psychology
Thursday, February 4; 6pm PST, 9pm EST

Medicine of the Spirit
Wednesday, March 3; 6pm PST, 9pm EST

To register, contact info@sacredstream.org or 415-333-1434.

Distance Learning Classes:

Working With Dreams Teleclass
Tuesdays, February 6, 16, 23, & March 2
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Relationships I: Birth Family Dynamics Teleclass
Mondays, March 8, 15, 22, & 29
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The Ethnobotany of Mesa Verde
June 9 - 13
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Huna I: The Spirits of Hawaii
August 9 -15
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Huna II: Manifesting the Spirits of Hawaii
August 17 -23
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oceanAdvanced Depth Hypnosis
January 13 - 16
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Depth Hypnosis Annual Practitioner Meeting and Ordination Ceremony
Sunday, Janaury 17
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Ordination Ceremony: 5pm to 7:30pm
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Depth Hypnosis Supervisory Class
Tuesdays, January 26, February 23, March 23, & April 27
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Introduction to the Shamanic Journey
January 30 & 31
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This course is a prerequisite to many of our workshops!

Buddhist Psychology Studies I

Wednesdays, February 17, February 24, March 3, & March 10
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Special Discount: $525 for Buddhist Psychology Studies I & II by January 17

Weekly Shamanic Journey Supervisory Group

Mondays, February 22, March 1, March 8, & March 15
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Tracking Spirit in the Birth Environment
Saturday, February 27
9am to 9pm
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Integrated Energy Medicine
March 12 - 14
Friday: 6pm to 10pm
Saturday & Sunday: 10am to 7pm
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Psychology Studies II
Wednesdays, March 17, 24, 31, & April 7
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Working With Dreams
Sunday, March 21
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Moon Lodge: Initiations of the Sacred Feminine
Saturday, March 27
9am to 9pm
Sacred Stream Center
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$295; Early Registration: $275 by February 27

To register, contact info@sacredstream.org or 415-333-1434.

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Journey Group
Monday, November 16; 7pm to 8:30pm
North Kingstown, RI
For details, please contact Katharine Rossi

Depth Hypnosis Practice Group
Thursday, November 19; 6:30pm to 8:30pm
315 Main St., Wakefield, RI 02879
For details, please contact Myra Partyka

Journey Group
Thursday, December 3; 7pm to 8:30pm
315 Main St., Wakefield, RI 02879
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Winter Solstice Drumming Circle
Sunday, December 13; 6pm
TBA, Rhode Island
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Spring Equinox Drumming Circle
Sunday, March 21; 6pm
TBA, Rhode Island
For details, please contact Katharine Rossi

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If you are an alumnus of Sacred Stream training programs and have news to share with the community about signifiacant awards, publications, exhibits, and projects in the art, healing, and non-profit/service fields, please be in touch.

Ring in 2010 at Sacred Stream Center

Join us at the Sacred Stream Center for movie night and a group meditation on New Year's Eve. We will be showing Unmistaken Child and sitting together in meditation from 9pm to 1am.

Soccer Without Borders on ESPN.com

The non-profit work of Sacred Stream community member Ben Gucciardi is getting mainstream attention! Learn more.

On-Going Practice Groups in Rhode Island

Now there are even more opportunities for practice in Rhode Island! Please see our calendar for upcoming dates and who to contact for more information.

Photography Exhibit at Sacred Stream Center

Deborah Hall has an exhibit of her beautiful photography up at the Sacred Stream Center. Be sure to check it out when you are next at the Center.