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This is a current list of all the classes that we offer. Those classes followed by (DL) are offered both in regular class format and as part of our Distance Learning series, which can be joined via telephone from anywhere in the world.

Advanced Applied Buddhist Psychology
Advanced Applied Buddhist Psychology Extension
Advanced Applied Shamanism
Advanced Applied Shamanism Extension
Advanced Depth Hypnosis
Advanced Integrated Energy Medicine
Applied Shamanism Immersion Workshop
Art and Spirit
Applied Buddhist Psychology 1 (DL)
Applied Buddhist Psychology 2 (DL)
Depth Hypnosis Foundation Course  
Depth Hypnosis Supervisory (DL)
Depth Hypnosis: Next Steps (DL)
Working with Dreams (DL)
Drum Circle
Mesa Verde 1: Earth Wisdom
Mesa Verde 2: Sky Wisdom
Grief and Loss
Huna: Ancient Wisdom of Hawaii 1
Huna: Ancient Wisdom of Hawaii 2
Initiations of the Sacred Feminine
Initiations of the Sacred Masculine
The Inner Self and Relationship (DL) 
Integrated Energy Medicine Immersion Workshop
Introduction to the Shamanic Journey (DL)
Journey Groups
Maintaining Your Dreams Practice (DL)
Next Steps in Integrated Energy Medicine I
Next Steps in Integrated Energy Medicine II
Next Steps in Psychopomp
Next Steps in Soul Retrieval
Next Steps: Shamanic Journey
The Path of Service (DL)
Power Retrieval and Working in the Middle World
Relationship and Karma (DL)
Relationship and Power (DL)
Shamanic Counseling
Soul Retrieval and the Guiding of Souls 
Talking About Relationships (DL)

Tracking Spirit in the Birth Environment
Scotland 1: Ancient Scotland Before the Druids    
Scotland 2: A Retreat with the Northern Lights    
Understanding the Worlds Beyond Death


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