Introduction to the Shamanic Journey

as_icon_large.jpgVisioning your life through the Journey

The journey brings us into the liminal state of consciousness from which all creative inspiration springs. It is one of the oldest technologies for understanding the world of spirit and energy. It has been used by shamans, mystics, prophets and spiritual leaders for thousands of years as a vehicle for accessing inner guidance.

This method of accessing inner wisdom is available to us today. The emphasis in the teaching of the journey through the Foundation of the Sacred Stream’s classes is on helping you understand and interpret the language of the journey. We show you how to develop a journey practice that will support and sustain all areas of your spiritual inquiry. And we will show you how to use the vehicle of the journey to help you step into a more informed and dynamic approach to problem solving, into relating to yourself and into relating to those around you.

Although this class is a prerequisite for many of the Foundation of the Sacred Stream’s programs, it stands alone as one of the primary methods of transforming consciousness. With our inspired teaching of the journey, you will learn how to develop a new understanding of your life’s journey and you will be provided with tools that will help you achieve a greater understanding of your life’s purpose.

The Introduction to the Shamanic Journey is offered occasionally as a tutorial just prior to an upcoming course that requires or recommends that students know how to journey. Students in the tutorial can take the the full Introduction to the Shamanic Journey class for the repeat fee when it is offered next.

Note: This class is also offered as a distance learning teleclass.

Class Details and to Register:
Instructor: Isa Gucciardi, Ph.D.
Tuition: $250
When: Every January/February, June, and September

All classes are held at the Sacred Stream Center (2149 Byron St, Berkeley, CA) unless otherwise indicated.

Student Quotes

"I loved the Introduction to The Shamanic Journey class this weekend. What a rich and fulfilling time you provided! I learned a lot, and look forward to more. The material is fascinating, and presented so well." - Susan S.

"I left the Shamanic training with new resources and energy available to me as I work to understand myself and the people I work with. Isa has a unique gift of explaining and demonstrating complex ideas. She offers her knowledge and experiences with a combination of humor and dignity. Isa also teaches her students how to access their own knowing, and seeing, and feeling, in a safe and beautiful environment. I look forward to learning more." - Rona R.

"The Shamanic Journey is one of the best things i've done for myself." - Meg D.

"Introduction to the Shamanic Journey has truly been a wonderful experience for me. Your beautiful masterful interpretation and offerings are in and of themselves very special to listen to. This is something I have been looking for and find gives me much peace." - Mary B.

"I took Intro to the Shamanic Journey with Isa on the phone, and it was beautiful  how easily and effectively the journey  techniques and experiences  translate over the airwaves." - Elizabeth D.

"I'm so glad I attended the Shamanic Journey workshop. Isa thoughtfully guided our class through the workings of an efficient daily practice and shared tools to help us recognize and call on our own knowledge and power. It was an assuring and invaluable experience for me." - Joanne I.

"I have been experiencing visions in my dreams and waking life for as long as I can remember but have never pursued learning about it. This class answered many questions I always had and provided structure and tools for me to explore this other world that I have been testing the waters in for so long." - Dominic D.



Special Circles for the Earth

These circles are called to help you strengthen your practice and to align with the weather spirits and assist in bringing balance to the earth during these times of climate change. We will be offering a round of these circles once every quarter for the foreseeable future - alternating between the Redwood Room and the Sacred Stream Center. You must know how to journey to join these circles. Please join us!

April 30, May 14 and May 28, 2014
7:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

Contact This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it or 415-333-1434 for additional information.

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