Applied Buddhist Psychology Overview

bps_icon_large.jpgAlthough Buddhism is primarily viewed as a religion, at its heart it is a very sophisticated system for understanding the deeper workings of the psyche. The Buddhist Psychology Studies workshops are designed to provide an understanding of the processes of the mind from a Buddhist perspective. They have a non-dogmatic “pan-Buddhist” approach that draws from the wisdom developed in several different schools of Buddhism. The course material is adapted from traditional Buddhist approaches in order to serve the psychological needs of modern westerners. Traditional Buddhist articulations have sometimes been difficult for westerners to understand. This is, in part, because Buddhist scholars working in the last two millennia did not fully foresee the depth of self-crippling behaviors specific to future industrialized nations. The Buddhist Psychology Studies Program seeks to bridge the gap between the contemporary western view and Buddhist teachings, bringing the balm of Buddhist understandings regarding the nature of suffering into modern western approaches to self transformation.

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ABP Classes:
Applied Buddhist Psychology 1
Applied Buddhist Psychology 2
Advanced Applied Buddhist Psychology
Advanced Applied Buddhist Psychology Extension

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