Depth Hypnosis Overview

dh_icon_large.jpgDepth Hypnosis is a highly effective model for self-transformation that combines elements of Buddhism, hypnotherapy, shamanism, and transpersonal psychology to accelerate and support the individual's growth and healing process. It provides an opportunity to achieve profound and long-lasting results on a spiritual, emotional, and physical level for conditions of imbalance such as depression, anxiety, autoimmune dysfunction, addiction, and relationship dysfunction.

The Depth Hypnosis workshops further adapt Buddhist understandings regarding the nature of the mind and provide a model for incorporating them into a therapeutic model that can easily be accessed by westerners. By integrating techniques from hypnotherapy to broaden clients’ capacity to move beyond the overly active rational mind and shamanic understandings regarding the correction of imbalance, Depth Hypnosis provides a powerful complement to traditional western therapies. Whether you’re seeking personal growth, considering a new career path or wanting to deepen your current practice, this powerful training can make a positive change in your life.

More about Depth Hypnosis

DH Classes:
Depth Hypnosis Foundation Course
Advanced Depth Hypnosis
Depth Hypnosis Supervisory
Depth Hypnosis: Next Steps
Depth Hypnosis Practitioner Certification


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Depth Hypnosis Podcasts

Working with Teens

Depth Hypnosis (excerpt from a talk at UC Berkeley in 2009)

Understanding Dreams


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