Huna: Ancient Wisdom of Hawaii 2

ds_icon_large.jpgStep into a new relationship not only with the Earth – but with your life!

From snow-capped Mauna Loa, to the fire at Halemaumau, to the lush jungles around Hilo, the Island of Hawaii provides a never-ending panorama of the elements interacting with one another. This interaction creates diverse and inspiring forms. These forms and the processes that create them are our teachers in this six-day class. Each day, we spend time in contemplation of the way the Earth works with the elements of fire, earth, wind and water to create the physical reality in which we come to know ourselves. Through these observations made in a vision quest type of setting, we learn how to create and manifest forms in the way the Earth manifests. Past participants have found that their lives are never the same as they incorporate the power of the Earth’s teachings into recreating their lives.

Dates: Summer 2015
Place: The Big Island, Hawaii
Price: TBA

Price includes most meals (vegetarian). Private rooms available at a surcharge. Availability is limited. Lodging includes pool. Participants arrange own air travel. Space is limited. Please reserve early.

Upcoming Classes:
Introduction to the Shamanic Journey or equivalent and Huna 1 .

Student Quotes:

"Huna was an amazing, everlasting, life-transforming experience." - Marlo S.