Areas of Study

Sacred Stream offers study in the following areas:

dh_icon_small.jpgDepth Hypnosis
Depth Hypnosis is a highly effective model for self-transformation that combines Buddhism, shamanism, transpersonal psychology, energy medicine, and hypnotherapy.

as_icons_small.jpgApplied Shamanism
The Applied Shamanism workshops teach shamanic principles and techniques that will help you gain a better understanding of the nature of reality, and effect positive changes in your life and the world around you.

iem_icon_small.jpgIntegrated Energy Medicine
The Integrated Energy Medicine workshops are for anyone interested in gaining greater knowledge of the subtle energy systems that underlie physical, mental, and emotional health.

bps_icon_small.jpgApplied Buddhist Psychology
The Applied Buddhist Psychology workshops are for those who would like to understand the deeper workings of the mind and heart from a non-western perspective.

ds_icon_small.jpgDestination Studies
The Destination Studies workshops offer students the opportunity to study ancient traditions and visit sacred sites in remarkable places throughout the world where spiritual traditions have evolved.

ts_icon_small.jpgTranspersonal Studies
The Transpersonal Studies workshops are designed to help students understand the ordinary events in their lives in a new way. These classes offer a larger context for life events that allows students to explore the possibility that their personal experience may hold more meaning for them.


Sacred Stream Center

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