Advanced Integrated Energy Medicine

iem_icon_large.jpgThe The Advanced Course in Integrated Energy Medicine deepens the understanding of the energy systems of the body and the way they interact with rays and magnetic fields outside the body. The class includes a review and practice of the principles presented in the Integrated Energy Medicine Intensive class. Exercises to facilitate the exploration and recalibration of sense pathways are presented. Methods for tracking physical disease pathways through the energy systems of the physical body and methods for affecting physical disease on the energetic level are explored. Students will explore the medicines of the spirit that include light, sound, and plant essences and learn when and how to apply them in different situations and circumstances.

The It is recommended to students that they bring their meals to eat at the center so they do not have to leave the center during breaks. This workshop is taught by Isa Gucciardi, Ph.D.


Tuition: $895
When: Every other summer term


Integrated Energy Medicine Immersion Workshop
Introduction to the Shamanic Journey is highly recommended but not required.


Student Quotes:
"As a Reiki practitioner, I benefited greatly from Isa’s teachings particularly her understanding of the chakras and her teachings on moving energy fields within the body.  Thank you, Isa."
- M.P. (Therapist and Reiki Master)

“I’ve been studying energy for nearly twenty years, and no one is teaching this material.”
- Kevin M (Acupuncturist)

Integrated Energy Medicine Podcasts

Managing Personal Energy

Manifestation of Pathways of Disease


Merging Meditation

Expand into an experience of greater power.
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