Integrated Energy Medicine Overview

iem_icon_large.jpgThe Integrated Energy Medicine workshops draw from the wisdom of ancient eastern philosophies and spiritual traditions from Japan, China, India, Tibet and others. These courses teach practical methods for working with energy and correcting imbalances that cause mental, emotional, and physical illness. They help students deepen their capacity to perceive phenomena that occur beyond the material world. Participants will learn ancient techniques that are both relevant and effective in the modern context. The Integrated Energy Medicine workshops provide students with practical methods for applying the understandings of energy medicine in order to enhance the effectiveness of their current healing practice. For those who are not working in a healing practice, these classes will enhance their relationship to their own personal healing and expand their understanding of working with others in a healing capacity.  More about Integrated Energy Medicine

Integrated Energy Medicine Immersion Workshop
Advanced Integrated Energy Medicine
Next Steps in Integrated Energy Medicine I
Next Steps in Integrated Energy Medicine II


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Integrated Energy Medicine Podcasts

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