Applied Shamanism Training Sequence

Applied Shamanism Training Sequence





If you are seeking thorough training in applied shamanic practice at Sacred Stream, here is the sequence of the courses to take:

Main Sequence:

Introduction to Shamanism
In this workshop, you will learn about shamanism, Applied Shamanic practice and shamanic healing.

The Shamanic Journey
Cultivate your relationship with your inner wisdom and spiritual guidance to experience healing, clarify your purpose, solve problems and serve others.

Power Retrieval & the Middle World
Learn how to work safely in the middle world and how to recognize and resolve power loss.

Soul Retrieval & the Guiding of Souls
Learn how to recognize, and resolve soul loss and how to guide souls in the Middle World.

Next Steps in the Shamanic Journey
Hone your ability to interpret journeys and craft questions that will help bring insight.

Next Steps in Soul Retrieval
Deepen your work with soul retrieval and learn new applications of it in a supportive environment.

Next Steps in the Guiding of Souls
Receive support in exploring the more complex and sometimes difficult aspects of the middle world and psychopomp.

Advanced Applied Shamanism
Learn shamanic healing techniques not taught anywhere else, discover and align with hidden aspects of yourself, and forge a stronger connection with the world of spirit.

Applied Shamanic Counseling
Learn how to use the shamanic journey in your healing or counseling practice to resolve difficult client issues.


Additional Study:

Introduction to Plant Medicine
This course provides an overview of the types of plants that have been used for millennia by shamanic and other practitioners to open new levels of awareness and consciousness.

Plant Medicine: Preparing and Integrating the Experience
This workshop is designed for those who are working with, considering working with, or simply interested in learning more about psychoactive plants.

Advanced Training in Plant Medicine
This workshop is designed to help people ground and integrate the insights that often come through the experiences of ingesting psychotropic plants.

Plant Medicine Integration Supervision
This program offers counseling supervision to graduates of the Insight Integration Counseling class.

Huna: The First Psychology
This seven-day retreat on the Big Island of Hawaii offers you the opportunity to understand yourself in a new way. With the help of the shamanic journey and the assistance of the land of Hawaii, you will explore the Huna concepts of aka, mana, the three selves, and the nature of forgiveness.

Shamans and Siddhas: Meeting at the Crossroads of Shamanism & Tantrism
Robert Thurman and Isa Gucciardi lead this experiential exploration into the realms of shamanism and tantrism.

The Path of Service
Master the essential inner work that makes it possible to serve or care for others effectively and stay in balance.

The Sacred Feminine
Experience your body and your life path as a woman in an empowered and connected way.

Conscious Masculinity
Reconnect with masculine energy in its most sacred and pure form.

Tracking Spirit in the Birth Environment
Reconnect with the important elements of power that are found in the deeper mysteries of the birth experience.

Working with Dreams
Learn to use the content of dreams as a way to access inner guidance and the deeper self.

Worlds Beyond Death
Live a more conscious and courageous life and prepare for a more conscious and courageous death.

Special Topics in Applied Shamanism
This workshop offers an opportunity for students of Applied Shamanism to hone their skills in working in the middle world, soul retrieval, and the guiding of souls.

Continuing Education in Advanced Applied Shamanism
In this class we revisit the techniques learned in the Advanced Applied Shamanism retreats – and we show you how to take them further into your own transformative process and how to deepen your level of service to others with them.



Certificate in Applied Shamanic Counseling

Certificate in Plant Medicine Integration


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