Circles for Girls Facilitator Certificate Program

Circles for Girls Facilitator Certificate Program

Teen Girls Report Record Levels of Sadness, CDC Finds” provides a view into the exponential increase in young women suffering with sadness and distills a shocking reality we have all been witnessing in recent years. Older women must meet younger women with all the tools they can offer to help the younger generation navigate this crisis. This is a class that offers training in a set of tools to do just that.

This certificate program is designed to provide tools to help you address the crisis that young women are facing in today’s increasingly misogynistic environment. It brings together the peace-making methods found in Isa Gucciardi’s first book, Coming to Peace, with the wisdom of the sacred feminine found in her second book, The New Return to the Great Mother. The result is a comprehensive and direct methodology that provides Facilitators with the support they need to assist young women in stepping into and holding their power as women.

This class prepares you to facilitate in person Circles for Girls circles for young women ages 12 to 15 and 15 to 18. You will receive support materials, including a teaching manual with instruction and curriculum to be used to facilitate 6 week in-person circles for young women.

And you will join a circle of dedicated women who are working together to address this collective calamity one circle at a time.

Applicants to this program must have completed the following coursework:

DHP certificate
Minister certificate
CTP Facilitator certificate
Tracking Spirit in the Birth Environment
Initiations of the Sacred Feminine
Strongly recommended: Manage at least 2 Space Clearing Society meetings and 2 Circles for the Earth circles.