Agu – Reach In (Download)


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Agu’s debut recording, Reach In, reveals a rich, contemplative acoustic sound of uninterrupted beauty that musically guides the mind and body to relax, focus, create, and awaken the gifts within. Agu plays a combination of singing bowls, temple bell, and tingsha, with Jami Sieber on cello, and Eve Sanchez on vocal and singing bowls. May the free-floating sounds resonate within you and take you to a place of peaceful mind. Run time is 58:46.

Track Listing:

1. Opening
2. Sound Elixir
3. Field Of Bliss
4. Dream
5. Moment Out Of Time
6. Reach In
7. Eve

About Agu
Agu worked as an educator in the public schools for over 30 years. Serving young people is her life’s work. She began using singing bowls with her students as a way to center and ground. This practice offered a collective and personal moment out of time from the stresses and distractions all around. When Agu began envisioning Reach In, she saw it as a central ingredient in ceremony and celebration and as a practice in making and propagating beauty from the inside out. Over the last 13 years she has been presented with many rich opportunities to play the singing bowls for ceremonies, storytelling events, healing sessions, workshops, and public school settings.