Dan Walters – Nigh (Download)


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In Nigh, composer and multi-instrumentalist Dan Walters displays mastery of his craft and provides the perfect soundscape for a soulful listening experience in this instrumental companion to his simultaneously released record, The Man From Sunrise. Run time is 31:48.

Selections from Nigh were featured in Sacred Stream Radio Podcast: 35: Robert Thurman.

Track Listing:

1. The Granada Bridge
2. Nigh
3. Carpenter Ants
4. Expecting A Call
5. Astro vs Aerostar
6. Along The Path To The Lake
7. All Night Drive
8. To Name A Horse
9. Let’s Take The Stairs
10. Red Light Runner
11. The Little Tree

About Dan Walters
Electric bassist, keyboardist, composer/arranger, and singer/songwriter Dan Walters provides solid side-musician support to many excellent artists and makes skillfully crafted music of his own that ranges from rootsy singer/songwriter to theatrical/cinematic guitar rock, and into what is loosely called “new music.” He has played bass for many world-renowned bands including guitar legend Les Dudek, pop sensation LFO, and the platinum-selling English rock band Foghat. Dan has also lent his musical mastery to live and studio recordings with Art Garfunkel and blues legend Nobel Thin Man Watts, to name a few.