Jami Sieber – Hidden Sky (Download)


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Hidden Sky is acclaimed electric cellist Jami Sieber’s evocative and prayerful invocation of a numinous world where the differences that seem to segregate species, cultures, and creeds are returned to unity. Born of Jami’s profound musical meeting with the elephants in Thailand and the musical language that joined them, this groundbreaking recording opens a rare window onto an inner landscape that sings with reverence, joy, and beauty. From haunting elegy to rhythmic celebration, this visionary exploration is an interspecies communion that that touches the soul in way that is unique, yet deeply remembered. Run time is 61:13.

Selections from Hidden Sky were featured in Sacred Stream Radio Podcast: Episode 41: Jami Sieber: Part 1.

Track Listing:

1. Maenam
2. Out Of The Mist
3. Homage
4. Sukhothai Rain
5. Red Moon
6. A Common Music
7. In The Silence
8. Prayer 1
9. Hidden Sky
10. Mandlovu Mind
11. Arms Of The Mother
12. Prayer 2

About Jami Sieber
Award-winning composer, singer, and electric cellist Jami Sieber reaches inside the soul with compositions that are contemporary, timeless, lush, and powerfully evocative. Her life-long commitment to the environment, social justice, and the healing arts is at the heart of her music, reflecting a deep dedication to the arts as a medium of exploration and awareness of the interconnected-ness of all beings. Jami tours nationally and internationally and her compositions have appeared in film, television, and the critically acclaimed video game, Braid.