Sapphron Obois – Sapphron (Download)


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International jazz recording artist Sapphron Obois brings her impeccable playing to this self-titled debut album, Sapphron. It is an inspiring collection of deep grooves and jazz sensibility that highlights her impressive skill with the saxophone. Featured guest performances include Ray Obiedo, Joy Julks, and Phil Schroeder. Run time is 57:00.

Selections from Sapphron were featured in Sacred Stream Radio Podcast: Episode 67: John Perkins: Touching the Jaguar.

Track Listing:

1. Sweet Dreams
2. Let’s Try Again
3. Soulmates
4. I’ve Been Calling U
5. See You Next Time
6. Déjà Vu
7. Never Say Never
8. I Loved You Forever
9. Libra Moon
10. Sausalito
11. Nairobi Nights