Shamanic Residency Program

Shamanic Residency Program

Deep within the embrace of the natural beauty of Menla, the Shamanic Residency Program offers in-depth, hands on training in shamanic principles and techniques that you can apply right now. With these methods you can address challenges in your life and the world around you, make positive changes, and serve yourself and others more effectively. You will learn a broad range of healing techniques, including power retrieval, soul retrieval, divination, and the guiding of souls, to name a few. Also, as you expand your knowledge of Applied Shamanic techniques, you will come to see yourself, the world, and your place in the world in new ways. The Shamanic Residency Program is designed to support you in this personal transformation. If your path is that of an energy healer or shamanic healer, the Shamanic Residency Program is designed to help you refine your perceptions, so that all that you continue to learn as you are serving others is easier to integrate. Intimate contact and work with the power of the unique land of Menla will help broaden and expand your understanding of the principles offered in this program.

You will learn:

• How to fully hold your power without overpowering others.
• How to embrace the unknown with your feet on the ground.
• How to deepen trust in your intuition and your connection to spiritual guidance.
• How to be of service to others even as you yourself are evolving and healing.
• How to serve others without being overtaken or manipulated.
• How to make sense of anomalous encounters you may have had and work with such experiences on a deeper level.

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