Depth Hypnosis

Depth-Hypnosis-IconDepth Hypnosis takes into account that each individual’s path to healing and self-understanding is unique, and it offers tools to help you navigate the complexities of your own path. The Depth Hypnosis workshops are designed to help you foster self-transformation and healing with clarity and confidence, even as you hold each individual’s path as unique. The workshops offer comprehensive training in the Depth Hypnosis Method, a spiritual counseling model that has helped thousands of people attain lasting results on a spiritual, emotional, and physical level for conditions of imbalance such as depression, anxiety, autoimmune imbalance, addiction, and interpersonal relationship issues. If you’re seeking personal growth, considering a new career path, or wanting to deepen your current practice, these workshops are designed to help you progress in exciting new ways.

These courses will:

• Provide tools and techniques for healing a broad range of issues at their root.
• Teach you how to address symptoms at their root.
• Engage you in a process of discovering what is needed to effect long lasting change.
• Create a sense of empowerment around your ability to make a positive difference in your own life and in others’ lives.
• Help you to step into a life affirming relationship with yourself and the world around you.

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Depth Hypnosis Workshops

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