Applied Buddhist Psychology

Applied Buddhist Psychology

Applied Buddhist Psychology IconBuddhism can be understood as a religion, a philosophy, an educational system, and a science. It is a vast system of knowledge that has been evolving for thousands of years as it has expanded from its roots in the Himalaya across India, China, Southeast Asia and Japan and is now finding its home in many places in the west. The evolution of Buddhist thought is driven in part by the way it absorbs wisdom systems in new geographical regions as it is carried into new cultures which it, in turn, informs.

The Applied Buddhist psychology program at the Sacred Stream is a flowering of this evolution as it applies time-honored principles of Buddhist philosophy to modern psychological dilemmas such as psychological isolation, a lack of self-compassion and hopelessness.

Our Applied Buddhist Psychology workshops are designed to help you to deepen and transform the way you relate to yourself and experience your life. They will teach you how to apply Buddhist perspectives and practices so that you can make profound psychological shifts, such as:

• Understanding what mindfulness really is
• Developing your meditation practice
• Understanding how to generate joy and loving kindness in your everyday experience
• Learning how developing equanimity can change your life
• Bringing more focus and discipline to the process of attaining your goals
• Developing more compassion for yourself and for others
• Developing more satisfying relationships

“These classes allowed me to see the teachings in a clear vista rather than feeling like I was wading my way through a dark and difficult swamp.”Joanne P.
“The Buddhist Psychology classes have brought a great sense of peace and well-being into my life. The tools and resources I’ve learned have benefited me both personally and in my work with others. I have been able to transform my choices, patterns, responses and reactions in a way that brings more joy into my life.”James F.


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Upcoming Applied Buddhist Psychology Workshops & Events:

Event Date/Time
Applied Buddhist Psychology 1: Entering the Stream (Hybrid)
Distance Learning, Berkeley , California

Wed, September 18, 2024 - Wed, October 2, 2024
Days and Times May Vary