Community and Services

Community and Services

Community and Services
Community-IconThe Sacred Stream Community has been growing steadily since 2002. Beginning in the San Francisco Bay Area, members now meet in their local townships nationally and internationally to continue the work they’ve learned at the Sacred Stream. The Sacred Stream regularly holds free events open to the general public, which include drum circles, meditations, and healing clinics. Our members connect in person and online.

Once you have taken a class you are considered a member of the Sacred Stream community. As a community member, you can network with others who have taken classes and participate in practice groups and healing circles relevant to the coursework you have done. You also will be notified before the general public about discounts and special events related to the Sacred Stream. Scholarships are also available to members of the Sacred Stream community. In addition, we routinely offer discounts to community members who choose to repeat our regularly-offered courses in order to deepen their understanding of the course material.

Several community events are held regularly:


Depth Hypnosis Practitioners & Applied Shamanic Practitioners

Many people find their way to the Sacred Stream community because they seek to be of greater service in the world. Depth Hypnosis Practitioner certificates are offered through the Association of Depth Hypnosis Practitioners (ADHP), which approves the Depth Hypnosis Practitioner curriculum offered through the Foundation of the Sacred Stream. Applied Shamanic Practitioners are certified through the Circle of Shamanic Practitioners (COP) which approves the Applied Shamanic Practitioner curriculum offered through the Foundation of the Sacred Stream. For more information about ADHP and COP training and certificates, or to find a Practitioner in your area, please visit the Association of Depth Hypnosis Practitioners or the Applied Shamanism websites.

Ordained Ministers

Ministers in the Foundation of the Sacred Stream have completed the education required in the Depth Hypnosis Practitioner program. This course of study prepares them to become a minister in the Foundation of the Sacred Stream. As ministers in the Foundation of the Sacred Stream, they provide ceremonial services for members of the community, including baptisms, marriages, funerals, and other ceremonies for people who may come from any faith or have no formal faith affiliation. These ceremonies may be performed at the sanctuary of the Sacred Stream Center or elsewhere. Although the Foundation of the Sacred Stream is organized as a non-denominational Buddhist church, it recognizes the validity and importance of many forms of spiritual and religious practice. Its ministers provide spiritual services to the community with this understanding. They are also required to maintain strict ethical integrity in their work and are expected to maintain a daily spiritual practice. Practitioners who offer ministerial services as part of their practice have this noted in their profiles at

The Strawberry Creek Watershed Project

The Strawberry Creek Project is a community education project to inform the local community about the rich history of the Strawberry Creek area in Berkeley, CA. Intrigued that the Sacred Stream Center is located very close to a sacred shell mound built by the Ohlone people who once inhabited this area, we wanted to understand the history of this place so that we could be better stewards of the land and generate more local awareness about this sacred site. In collaboration with BASE Landscape Architecture and other community groups, we researched the history of the land, the people, and the creek, and constructed a 36” by 24” informational placard, which will be affixed to the side of the Sacred Stream Center. You can view the placard here. If you would like to contribute to this project and help us offset the costs of creating this educational resource for the community, please consider making a donation here.