Advanced Training in Plant Medicine FAQ

Advanced Training in Plant Medicine FAQ

Is personal experience with hallucinogenic plants required to participate in this program?

Is it okay to join this class if I don’t fully understand my own experience with psychotropic plants?
Yes, definitely.

Can I expect to gain insight on my own experience in integrating psychotropic plant experience?

Do participants ingest hallucinogenic plants in the Integration Counseling classes?
No. It is highly recommended that you seek experience with psychotropic plants in environments where such exploration is legal.

Will we be doing any research on actual real-time psychotropic plant experience?
No. But we will be looking at the latest in research on this subject.

How will I be able to integrate the material in this workshop into my counseling or healing practice?
You will be much better prepared to deal with “bad trip” experience, have insight into the power dynamics that can get set up in plant circles which your patient may be confused about, and be able to offer informed advice about the use and nature of psychotropic plants to your patients.

Will this help me help others in dealing with overdose or “bad trip” experiences with related substances such as ecstasy?