Khensur Thupten Tenzin Rinpoche

Khensur Thupten Tenzin RinpocheKhensur Thupten Tenzin Rinpoche

Khensur Thupten Tenzin Rinpoche was born high in the Himalayan valley of Spiti. At the age of 8 he took his vows as a monk. He completed his studies in Psychology, Buddhist Philosophy, Debate, Metaphysics and Monastic Discipline at Gaden Shartse Monastery in South India. Upon receiving the highest degree as a Geshe Lharmpa, the Western education equivalent of a Ph.D., he began teaching and became known throughout the world for his profound understanding and mastery of Buddhist Philosophy. In 2014, His Holiness the Dalai Lama appointed him to be the Abbot of Gyuto Tantric Monastery, one of the most prestigious institutions in Tibetan Buddhism where he oversaw the highest levels of education of Tibetan monks. In 2014, he led the Compassion Tour sharing culture and ideas at universities, community centers and other institutions throughout the United States. He teaches nationally and internationally and currently resides in Italy. He offers classes in the United States through the Foundation of the Sacred Stream, where he is a lead instructor for the Advanced Buddhist Psychology program.