Spiritual Evolution and the Cycles of Time (Hybrid)

We are living in times that fill us with dread one moment and offer the possibility of profound growth the next. How do we find our footing in this complexity? In order to answer this question for ourselves personally, it is helpful to understand the larger context of the era we are living in on a collective level. In this class, we will explore the cycles of time that have always guided life on the earth. We will explore the concept of the Yugas from Vedic philosophy and the prophesies and philosophies about the cycles of spiritual evolution from the Mayan, Hopi and other indigenous traditions. We will examine our deepest responses to the ecological, political, and social crises we are confronting and try to discern where they place us within these evolutionary cycles. We will also learn how we can hold both perspectives at once so that we can make informed decisions in navigating the challenges of the current moment with clarity and courage.

Registration fee: $250
Early Registration before December 8: $225

This is an online course that is part video and part live online video conference. You will receive links to the videos, which you can watch at your convenience. There will be one video conference meeting where you can ask questions of the teacher and learn from the questions and experiences of the other participants. The videos will be available on or around December 20. To get the most out of the class, please watch the videos prior to the live meeting. Also, allow approximately 3-4 hours to review the videos and to complete any coursework. 

To accommodate ALL time zones, we offer a choice of two meeting times for the video conference meeting. You determine which class works for you – Class A or B.

Class A
Friday, January 8, at 4:30 pm – 7:00 pm Pacific

Class B
Saturday, January 9, at 12:00 pm – 2:30 pm Pacific

To determine the class time best for you, figure out your time zone compared to San Francisco’s time zone, which is Pacific Standard Time. Then add or subtract the time difference from the listed start time of the class. If you are five hours ahead, then the 9:30 am SF start time would be 2:30 pm your time.

Please note: The Friday class at 4:30 pm is generally best for people in Southeast Asia, China, Japan, & Australia. And the Saturday class at 12:00 pm is generally best for people in North & South America, Europe, Africa, & parts of Russia. In some areas, like India and Hawaii, both time zones work.

For repeating registrations please email info@sacredstream.org for information on how to register.

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Registration is closed for this event. To check availability, please contact us at info@sacredstream.org or (415) 333-1434.