Empowered Living FAQ

Empowered Living FAQ





What is Empowered Living?
The Empowered Living workshops seek to help students lend meaning to their every day experience. They follow the transitions in the human life cycle and seek to demonstrate the way in which these transitions are important pathways to deeper spiritual understanding.

These workshops are influenced by transpersonal psychology, a field of psychology that views the healing of a person as related to that person’s understanding of himself in relationship to a larger consciousness that exists beyond the conscious mind. In practice, transpersonal psychology integrates psychological theories and methods with what may be considered spiritual practices or states. These include spiritual experiences, mystical states of consciousness, meditative practices, shamanic states, ritual, and the overlap of spiritual experiences in disturbed states. In essence, transpersonal psychology is the study and understanding of self-transcendence, that expansive sense of identity that is less individuated and more unified with the whole.

Who are these workshops for?
Anyone interested in expanding their consciousness and understanding themselves at a deeper level, particularly those interested in the human psyche and the nature of reality.

What issues are addressed in the Empowered Living workshops?

Students are helped to understand their life experience from the perspectives that can be gained by viewing the events and relationships in their lives as preparatory to the major human rites of passage recognized by most spiritual traditions: those of birth and death. By examining the intermediate rites of passage contained in everyday experience, and by viewing that experience as preparation for death and birth, the student’s understanding of life is transformed.

How can I apply the subject matter of Empowered Living workshops into my everyday life?
Students have the opportunity to explore the nature of creativity and its tremendous capacity to transform experience. They also gain an understanding of the importance of maintaining personal power in relationship to others. They learn how important it is to undertake the task of holding onto personal responsibility in order to chart the kind of life they envision for themselves. They also develop the capacity to explore generally taboo subjects such as sexuality and the nature of personal death.

How can I apply the subject matter of Empowered Living workshops into my professional life?
Education and healing professionals have found that the broader perspectives provided by the Empowered Living course work lend greater meaning to their path of service. Professionals in other fields have found that their interactions in the work place take on a meaning they had not understood before. All forms of interpersonal and personal engagement take on larger import as students begin to realize the potentials their personal experience opens to understanding some of life’s mysteries.