Shamanic Residency Program

Deep within the embrace of the natural beauty of Menla, the Shamanic Residency Immersion offers in-depth, hands-on training in Applied Shamanic principles and techniques. With these methods you can address challenges in your life and the world around you, make positive changes, and serve yourself and others more effectively. You will learn about power loss, power retrieval, divination, methods for healing the earth, medicine wheel traditions, and more.

Menla has been a place of healing and retreat for hundreds of years. This is a place that was sacred to many tribes of the Native American peoples who lived nearby. This valley was a place of ceremony, a place where people would come together to honor the earth and receive healing with the cycles of the seasons. In this class, we will continue these traditions, working closely with the spirits of the land here at the height of the fall season. As you connect with the unique power of this land and expand your knowledge of Applied Shamanic techniques, you will come to see yourself, the world, and your place in the world in new ways.

The Shamanic Residency Program is designed to support you in personal transformation. Additionally, if your path is that of healer, caretaker, therapist, or teacher, this class will help you refine your perceptions, so that you can deepen your capacity to integrate and learn from the process of serving others. This class includes the material from the Power Retrieval and the Middle World class offered through the Foundation of the Sacred Stream and counts as that class towards the Advanced Applied Shamanism Certificate Program.

The Shamanic Journey or The Shamanic Journey Intensive


Registration Fee: Registration rates vary based on accommodations.

Pricing includes accommodations, meals, and tuition.

Tuesday, October 8 – Saturday, October 12, 2019


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