Gaden Dokhang Khangsten Fund

Gaden Dokhang Khangsten Fund

In 2014, Sacred Stream, sponsored a year-long U.S. cultural tour with the monks of Gaden Shartse Dokhang Khangsten. The monks were here with the blessing of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama to share their culture, practices and paths to inner peace and compassion. Buddhist scholar, author, and HHDL’s principal English interpreter, Thupten Jinpa, was the spokesperson for the tour. Jinpa spent many years as a monk at Dokhang Khangsten, and several of his senior students were part of the tour.

Funds raised on the tour helped the monks build a prayer hall and dormitories after they lost their accommodations and were forced to live separate from each other for many years. This had a serious impact on the monks, particularly the younger monks. And are happy to report that the dorms have been built and all the monks are living together again.

However, the needs of Dokhang Khangston are ongoing and Sacred Stream is dedicated to continuing to offer support. Currently, the monks are building a library and managing the medical needs that have arisen as a result of Covid and other issues. Your donation goes directly to the monks.

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