General Fund

General Fund

When you donate to our General Fund, we make sure your funds go where they are most needed, with a portion always going to our scholarship fund. Donating to this fund helps us make sure monies go where they are most needed and helps us in cases of emergency like the roof collapse of 2016, the heating system upgrade in 2017, and the stair replacement and plumbing fixes in 2019. Our 100-plus-year-old building requires a lot of love and attention for it to continue to house teachings and cultural and community events.

In any given year, there are expected and unexpected issues that arise and need immediate attention. We do our best to anticipate the unexpected and maintain emergency funds for those occasions. Your support of the General Fund helps us be prepared for these events and also to work on known issues to prevent problems in the future.

Current Projects

Window Frame Replacement

Many of our window frames are in need of replacement due to age and water damage. This is an ongoing project as we replace the most compromised ones first and as finances allow. Estimated cost is between $7,000 and $9,000.

Staining of Deck and Garden Fence

Estimated cost is $2400.

Roof Replacement

Estimated cost is between $20,000 and $35,000.

Stained Glass Repair

A crack has appeared in one of our older stained glass windows. Repair cost is unknown.

“Berkeley Improv is profoundly grateful for the welcoming home we have at the Sacred Stream Center. Our improv classes have thrived at the center, where more than 1000 students have come for the joy and community of improv. The center’s location has allowed our classes to be accessible to a diverse population that reflects the central East Bay, including those who have limited physical abilities. We are currently carrying the torch with online improv classes, and eagerly anticipating when we can return to in-person classes at Sacred Stream.”Heather C.
“Sacred Stream’s community was something I didn’t realize I had been looking for until I found it. It is a real support and the friends I have made have felt like reconnections instead of new friendships. The student cohort has been the most supportive I have known, and I am grateful to Sacred Stream for providing a place grounded in integrity and fellowship.”Clem M.
“I have been attending classes and events at the Sacred Stream Center for almost a decade now. I feel part of the family when I’m in circle. Since Covid, I’ve missed being in the beautiful Center, but appreciate all the free events and opportunities they have been providing to be in circle online. Sacred Stream is a jewel in the global community.”Sara P.

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