Integrated Energy Medicine FAQ

Integrated Energy Medicine FAQ





What is Integrated Energy Medicine?

Energy Medicine is the study of the balance between mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual states. Whenever one of these is cut off from any of the others, the whole system is thrown into imbalance. This can result in emotional and psychological disruption, such as depression, eating disorders and addiction, or it can manifest in the body as illnesses such as autoimmune disorders and chronic fatigue, to name a few. Energetic imbalance also manifests subtly in the form of mood fluctuations, headaches, and other less serious issues.

How does Integrated Energy Medicine work?

Integrated Energy Medicine techniques focus on the use of sound and light to address deep-seated imbalances that cannot be addressed in any other way. By working with and directing light and sound in the source of the manifesting problem, the spirit is healed and imbalance shifts on other levels.

Who are the Integrated Energy Medicine Workshops for?
Healing professionals, such as therapists, social workers, acupuncturists, and body workers, and people seeking personal growth can all benefit from these workshops. Students learn how the processes of Integrated Energy Medicine support other forms of healing, so the training in Integrated Energy Medicine is an excellent vehicle for professional development for anyone working with people in any capacity.

Students begin by learning how energetic process in their own bodies are affecting their experience on other levels and then move into recognizing energetic events in others and how these events affect others’ experience. The Integrated Energy Medicine workshops provide students with practical methods for applying the understandings of energy medicine in order to enhance the effectiveness of their current healing practice. For those who are not working in a healing practice, these classes will enhance their relationship to their own personal healing and expand their understanding of deeper levels of their interactions with others.

How can I apply the material I learn to my current healing or counseling practice?

The material contained in the Integrated Energy Medicine workshops will inform you about your clients’ issues at more subtle levels than you ordinarily would perceive. It provides you with a greater understanding of the body’s energy systems and the ways in which energy moves through underlying energetic structures. By understanding these methods at this level, you will be able to better identify imbalance in clients that you otherwise might miss.