The New Return to the Great Mother: Birth, Initiation, and the Sacred Feminine by Isa Gucciardi, Ph.D. (Signed Collector’s Edition)


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In this updated and expanded version of Isa Gucciardi’s acclaimed Return to the Great Mother, the reader is invited to rediscover the transformative feminine power at the heart of childbirth. Mothers, their partners, and birth professionals will learn how to tap into this ancient wellspring of power to create a birthing experience that is deeply intuitive and empowering. Offering a fresh perspective on birthing as a sacred initiatory process, The New Return to the Great Mother confirms the healing implications of this viewpoint with inspiring true stories, and offers up helpful tools and exercises for connecting with the wisdom and power of the Great Mother. Read more about The New Return to the Great Mother.

Signed collector’s edition. Limited copies available.

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