The Shamanic Journey FAQ

The Shamanic Journey FAQ

What is the Shamanic Journey?
The shamanic journey is a process of active meditation during which the journeyer connects with deeper parts of his or her self.

What is unique about how the Shamanic Journey is taught at Foundation of the Sacred Stream?
Our foremost intention is to support you as you develop and deepen your own connection with your highest self and with spiritual guidance. We have seen how techniques and practices can sometimes become dogmatic barriers between people and their innate wisdom. We have also seen how too little structure can create confusion and waste time. So, our intention is to provide all the structure you need to journey safely and confidently, without inserting unnecessary rules or limitations that interrupt your own relationship with spirit. You can expect to leave the workshop having established (or deepened) a connection with at least two sources of spiritual guidance.

Can you give some examples of how students have used their journey practice in practical ways?

Here are some of the problems we have seen our students resolve using their journey practice:

• Confusion between a helping inner voice and an inner critic.
• Uncertainty about what is their own responsibility and what is someone else’s.
• Difficulty in trusting themselves.
• Disruptions in their relationship to their own power or to someone else’s power.
• Blocks to abundance.