The Foundation offers small scholarships, called Timely Support Awards, to students in need. Applications must be turned in at least four weeks prior to the class you are interested in attending.

Timely Support Awards

Sacred Stream offers Timely Support Awards to students because of our organizational values. Sacred Stream also offers financial assistance to dedicated students by allowing students to repeat almost any class at a fraction of the tuition. Because we partially rely on your honest self-assessment of your need for the Timely Support Awards, we ask that you consider the following about our organization: Our scholarship fund is small and our tuition income does not cover our operating costs. Notably, our main instructors are not paid to teach. We hope this will change. Please be aware that we generally do not offer aid more than once or twice per student, due to the limits of the fund. In consideration of the above, if you are truly in need of assistance, we encourage you to apply.

To apply for assistance please email your completed application to info@sacredstream.orgno less than four full weeks prior to the start of the course for which you are seeking assistance. Incomplete applications, or applications received within two weeks of the start of a course, will not be considered for support.