Article: Depth Hypnosis and Relationship Counseling

Article: Depth Hypnosis and Relationship Counseling

By Isa Gucciardi, Ph.D.

Summary: A brief description of the philosophy behind Depth Hypnosis and how it is applied to relationship counseling.

Depth Hypnosis is a meditational therapy that incorporates many Buddhist principles. Depth Hypnosis weaves these principles into a therapeutic paradigm for individual and couples counseling. This paradigm can be easily digested by Westerners who are willing to take the steps to free themselves from the dance of karma.

Depth Hypnosis brings Vipassana meditation techniques that are generally engaged through individual meditation practice into an interactive arena. Through a method of questioning based on Vipassana called Insight Inquiry, clients are guided to the wounding which lies at the heart of karmic reactivity.

The advantage to this method is that the client does not have to engage in a disciplined meditative practice to benefit from the insight provided by Vipassana techniques. Clients can take advantage of the stability Depth Hypnosis Practitioners have developed through their own meditation practice. In this way, clients use the Depth Hypnosis Practitioners’ practice to gain a foothold so they can gain insight into the deeper workings of their karmic patterns.

It is helpful for those who have become so internally disorganized through unconscious engagement with karmic reactivity to be able to use the organization the Depth Hypnosis Practitioner has already developed. Depth Hypnosis Practitioners gain this stability through the same processes of examining their wounding that they guide clients through.

Vipassana meditation is highly transformative, but Depth Hypnosis is more quickly catalytic because of its interactivity. Once the client has arrived at the heart of the wounding, Depth Hypnosis methodology shifts gears and draws on Tantric processes to help the client dissolve the crystallizations of karmic patterns that generate the wounding. Depth Hypnosis training relies on shamanic methodology to help practitioners develop skill in Tantric processes.

Depth Hypnosis methodology in couples counseling differs from other couples counseling models in that the same practitioner guides both the couples counseling sessions and the individual sessions for each member of the couple. The rationale in this approach is that relationship difficulties generally stem from the interaction of the individuals’ karmic patterns.

The relationship dynamic brings forward the karmic patterns that are held more or less latent until the dynamics of interaction trigger them into play. Depth Hypnosis counselors are trained to recognize the signature of karmic patterns as they play out in the dynamics of mutual relating. They tease out these karmic patterns for examination and dissolution in individual sessions. As the karmic patterns of each individual are dissolved in individual sessions through Depth Hypnosis methodology, the patterns of interaction within the relationship shift.

The pattern of counseling sessions is, generally: A couples counseling session, two individual counseling sessions for each member, a couples counseling session, two individual counseling sessions for each member, a couples counseling session. In individual sessions, each party makes progress in doing the individuation work that needs to be done to shift the karmic patterns that contribute to the difficulties in the relationship dynamic.

As both individuals come back to the couples counseling with this information, assessment of the shifts in relationship dynamics that have occurred through each individual’s shift in relating to their own karmic patterns are made. Naturally, the pace of progress with this model of relationship counseling depends on the level of willingness to confront the aversions and attachments that are held in the karmic patterns which are defining their relationship.