Distance Learning Workshops

Distance Learning Workshops

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all of our courses are available through Distance Learning. Please visit our calendar for a complete list of upcoming courses.

Applied Buddhist Psychology 1
Learn and deepen practices that foster greater self-acceptance and inner peace.

Applied Buddhist Psychology 2
Learn and deepen practices that help transform core negativity.

Applied Shamanic Counseling
Learn how to use the shamanic journey in your healing or counseling practice to resolve difficult client issues.

Conscious Parenting
The Conscious Parenting workshop is designed to help you navigate parenting mindfully and with greater intention and ease.

Depth Hypnosis Supervisory
Get feedback and advice from Isa Gucciardi Ph.D., the developer of the DH Method, about your Depth Hypnosis work with clients.

Introduction to Buddhist Psychology
Learn how to work with meditation to increase happiness and well-being.

Introduction to Depth Hypnosis
Learn and practice transformative suggestion hypnosis techniques within a transpersonal context.

Introduction to Integrated Energy Medicine
This workshop introduces the basics of Integrated Energy Medicine, including chakra systems, and energy systems within the body. Students will gain practice in perceiving subtle energy fields and in working with energetic systems to increase physical, mental, and emotional healing.

Introduction to Shamanism
In this workshop, you will learn about shamanism, Applied Shamanic practice and shamanic healing.

Next Steps in Applied Shamanic Practice
Increase confidence and competence in essential techniques of applied shamanic practice with supervised practice in a small group.

Next Steps in Depth Hypnosis
Increase confidence and competence in essential techniques of the DH Method with supervised practice in a small group.

The Path of Service
Master the essential inner work that makes it possible to serve or care for others effectively and stay in balance.

Relationship and Karma
Understand and resolve outworn relationship habits and relate to others with more freedom and consciousness.

Relationship and Power
Improve your relationships by understanding and transforming patterns around how you use personal power.

The Shamanic Journey
Cultivate your relationship with your inner wisdom and spiritual guidance to experience healing, clarify your purpose, solve problems and serve others.

Working with Dreams
Learn to use the content of dreams as a way to access inner guidance and the deeper self.

Working with the Weather Spirits and the Elements
This class offers you practices for more deeply aligning yourself with the forces of nature and offers tools to help restore balance to the places in the nature that have been negatively affected by human activity.