Blog: How Integrated Energy Medicine Heals

Blog: How Integrated Energy Medicine Heals

By Isa Gucciardi, Ph.D.

Editors’ note: The following is an excerpt from Isa’s forthcoming book. For more information about Integrated Energy Medicine, check out the Sacred Stream’s Integrated Energy Medicine training program. For additional reading on energy medicine, we recommend Hands of Light: A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field by Barbara Brennan.

Integrated Energy Medicine is the most subtle aspect of Depth Hypnosis, and also one of the most important features of the model. In addition to providing access to information about subtle experience influencing presenting symptoms, it is an important tool in healing.

With Integrated Energy Medicine, fields of light and sound can be focused by practitioners to help clients move through resistance and blocks. These fields are used to support clients working at any level. They are especially helpful for those who are venturing into new and sometimes uncomfortable spaces within themselves for the first time. They can also be used to reconfigure and retrain patterns of experience and behavior arising from the deepest levels of the psyche.

Integrated Energy Medicine techniques are immensely supportive to the practitioner. Practitioners learn how to access fields of light and sound and direct them to support the client’s healing. In this way, the practitioner avoids using their own life energy to support the client. One of the reasons practitioners in all forms of counseling, healing, or teaching burn out is because they use their own life energy in a way that depletes them. With Integrated Energy Medicine approaches, practitioners are supported even as they support those they serve.

To understand how Integrated Energy Medicine techniques can work within the Depth Hypnosis environment, let’s look at the case of Angela, a woman who came for help with panic and anxiety. Angela had struggled with persistent panic attacks most of her life, yet she did not understand the reason for the panic. She had been involved with various therapies, and though they were helpful, she still had a low-grade persistent, panicky feeling she could not shake or explain.

By somatically following the feeling of panic into a regression, she found herself as a baby in a prenatal experience. She was having a horrific time. She became aware of a fiery energy coming at her from all sides. It was unbearable, and she did not know what it was. I asked her to connect with her guides and ask them about the source of the fiery energy. They said that her mother was angry and hateful about being pregnant and did not want the child. The anger and the hate were the source of the fiery energy.

Angela’s relationship with her mother was not a happy one, but she had never had information about the level of rejection she was feeling in utero. Her guides offered this information conceptually so she could understand what was happening on an energetic level. Then her guides brought cooling energy into the child in utero, peeling the layers of the child’s subtle energy system. It was as if they were peeling an onion. They peeled back each layer and placed clear, blue, or rainbow light into each layer of her subtle and physical bodies.

Angela was able to report the activity of her guides and the sensations related to this healing. She was aware of the effect of this healing on a visceral level. She could feel the waves of heat and coolness moving through her as the guides worked. It was remarkable to witness them work. They were thorough, going through every aspect of her body on an energetic level. They did the same thing with the placenta and amniotic fluid to heal the effect this hatred and anger had been having on her.

Her guides instructed Angela to continue working with them in this way on an ongoing basis in meditation. In this way, they would be able to completely reverse the effects this hatred and anger had on her physical, emotional and mental development. This healing was profound for her. As she came to better understand that her prenatal experience affected her current experience, she felt the mystery of her panic was being solved. When she realized that healing was possible at the deepest levels of her experience, she was immensely grateful.

Conceptually, there would have been no way to access this information or provide the required remedy to her panic. The tools of Depth Hypnosis and Integrated Energy Medicine provided a healing that would not have been accessible any other way. Her panic attacks became far less frequent. Over time, as she followed her guides’ instructions, the persistent feeling of panic went away completely.