Marlo Salazar Memorial Scholarship Fund

Marlo Salazar Memorial Scholarship Fund

Marlo Salazar

Marlo was one of our first Depth Hypnosis Practitioners. She was a dedicated student, mother, and seeker of consciousness. As a single parent and person of color, she met many challenges to achieve success in her work and life. She is remembered by everyone as a deeply loving friend, inspiring colleague, and champion of the under-spoken. As a small non-profit, your donations help us make more financial support available to people who need it. Special emphasis is given to single parents, seniors, students, BIPOC, and LGBTQ.

We have given more scholarships this year than ever before due to world events and the rise in the financial needs of students. We have provided assistance to students in the US, Canada, Central and South America, Syria, South Africa, and Thailand to name a few. We are committed to continue providing this assistance and need your help to make sure that everyone who needs help receives it

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“The Timely Support Awards Program helped lessen the cost of my training and I am very grateful. Receiving the award helped me pursue my life’s path and demonstrated Sacred Stream’s commitment to helping those in need. I truly appreciated both the monetary support as well as the feel of solidarity that arose from this gift. Thank you, Sacred Stream!”Elizabeth D.
“Receiving a scholarship to participate in such a powerfully healing course was immensely beneficial to me. I am grateful to have been afforded the first steps on my Shamanic Journey, and the tools, skills, and practices for further personal growth that the class provided. Thank you”Wyatt F.

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