Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction

This class is for those who want to explore the role of religious belief and spiritual inquiry in the therapeutic process. People who are interested in these subjects for their own process are invited to join the class, and those who help facilitate other people’s explorations in this area are also invited to attend. This class helps you better understand the issues that arise in assisting others through spiritual direction, understand the role of officiant in ceremonies, and helps you fine-tune your intention in serving in these capacities. The class also explores a wide range of spiritual traditions and helps better prepare you to assist others in their process of spiritual inquiry. The class is designed to help you gain a greater understanding of the role of spiritual experience across a broad spectrum of faith traditions. This class is required for anyone interested in applying to become a Minister in the Foundation of the Sacred Stream. Students can apply to become Ministers when they have received their Depth Hypnosis Practitioner certificate.

This workshop will:

• Help you understand the spiritual journey in many different faith contexts
• Help you develop a better understanding of others’ spiritual needs
• Help you develop a greater appreciation of the role of non-dogmatic spiritual inquiry

You will find this workshop especially beneficial if you:

• Wish to explore your relationship to your own spiritual path more deeply
• Wish to learn how to recognize the larger philosophical questions that underlie many people’s self-inquiry
• Wish to explore the role of spirit in the therapeutic process


The Shamanic Journey.

Workshop Details:

Tuition: $295
Workshop Format: This is offered as a Distance Learning course.
Note: Attendance in class is mandatory as the group discussion of the homework is an important part of the learning in this class. If you have to miss one class because of compelling circumstances, please contact info@sacredstream.org.

Upcoming Workshops:

Event Date/Time
Spiritual Direction (Live Stream)
Distance Learning, Call in from Anywhere, Worldwide

Wed, June 2, 2021 - Wed, June 23, 2021
5:30 pm - 7:30 pm