Blog: The Hidden Messages in Water

Blog: The Hidden Messages in Water

By Clementine Moss

Editors’ Note: Clementine Moss is a Depth Hypnosis Practitioner and Shamanic Counselor. As a professional musician, she developed ways of connecting to the true self field of consciousness in order to be present fully as a performer. Clem’s music career as a rock drummer, though seeming unlikely for a healer, has provided a perfect metaphor for her when assisting clients in opening to the flow of infinite potential. She writes about the intersection of spiritual practice and a music career at

I recently read The Hidden Messages in Water, Dr. Masaru Emoto’s account of analyzing the effect of the energetic environment on crystals in water. If you haven’t seen these studies, you can pull up the images online and see the beautiful snow flake patterns of the sentiments “I love you” and the song “Amazing Grace,” as well as the chaotic, disrupted patterns that hate and negativity create in the water crystals. The take-away is how we experience a direct response to vibration and frequency, and how our physical being, seventy percent water, might cultivate protection against disruption of our crystals.

One way to guard against this disruption is through gratitude. This information has created new rituals for me around the house. “Thank you water! Thank you! I love you!” now happens before every hydration. “Thank you water! Thank you for keeping Henry healthy!” as I refill the pug’s bowl. I try to remember to do the same for my food, too. Suddenly, a little “thank you” before eating takes on new meaning, as I imagine the molecules arranging themselves into patterns of love as they lift to my mouth.

The house plants get lots of praise every morning as well. I read that house plants are healthier if you name them, so that’s been fun. “Good morning, Colin! Good morning, Yam!”

It’s really nice, actually. I can’t go anywhere in this little apartment without praising someone. I wish I had known to do this before, rather than just speeding through the day ungratefully.

It’s not hard to be thankful. Dire illness and hatred and struggle is all around, yet when I turn on the tap, water moves through the filter into the glass. The little teddy bear of a pug is healthy and laps up the gift. The plants work all day to clear the air, transmute negative energy, and provide beauty in my days. I think of Isa Gucciardi’s remarks about the generosity of plants, and I send gratitude back to them. “Thank you, water! Thank you, Jade!”

Language is a transmitter of energy. Dr. Emoto performed an experiment with rice, in which his family thanked, ignored, and berated three piles of rice. Over a month, all three began to rot, but with different results. The rice in the jar he called “stupid” became black. The ignored one became rotten, and the jar he said “thank you” to began to ferment and give off a pleasant smell.

I think of this experiment as I walk down these streets these days. I especially ponder the ignored rice, and how it seemed to meet a similar fate as the one receiving negative attention.

Masked up, I realize that I can no longer smile at passersby, so I have had to find another way to greet those I pass. I understand that we are transmitters of energy without saying a word, so I practice to keep the channel positive, but language is a direct transmission of energy. So I find myself taken to behaving the way my mother has always behaved, and which used to embarrass me terribly. I say hello to strangers.

It feels important to connect these days, maybe more than ever, as we pass each other from behind handkerchiefs that hide our smiles. So many of us are alone in our days, and it feels important to recognize the other as we move through our routines. Sometimes, just a “hello” can bring us out of our loneliness, ground us in the stream of humanity.

Now that I know that a greeting may even be altering another being on a molecular level, it becomes easier to extend myself, to be the goofy lady who says hello to strangers. I used to feel that I was intruding somehow to do this, and maybe for some it feels that way. Dr. Emoto has shown, water crystals don’t lie. Somewhere in us, we love to feel connection. These days, it feels deeply crucial. It is certainly worth a try.

Excerpted from the essay September 9, 2020 on

The Hidden Messages in Water – Masaru Emoto