Article: Case Study: Combining Energy Medicine and Past Life Regression Techniques

Article: Case Study: Combining Energy Medicine and Past Life Regression Techniques

By Isa Gucciardi, Ph.D.

Summary: This article presents a case study in which rays of energy are used with Depth Hypnosis to help a client access deeper aspects of her experience for healing her presenting issue.

My work takes me to many times and places in my clients’ psyches. During this work, I use many tools to help people discover the origin of the problems they seek help with. One of the most valuable tools is the use of rays of energy. Vedic science, tantric Buddhist healing practices, and other schools of energy medicine articulate many methods of working with rays to create change in the psyche. When dealing with deep issues within the psyche, it is often impossible to address them by any other method than with rays. This is because ray work can effect change beyond the realm of words or even images. The following is a description of a session where I used rays to facilitate a past life regression.

Fran came to me to find out what was keeping her from focusing on issues long enough to make wise decisions. She said she felt she was unable to tap her will long enough to make desired changes in her life and that she was unable to concentrate on anything for more than a few moments at a time. This was especially true in her career planning; she was stuck in an unfulfilling job, yet she felt unable to affect events enough to change.

In one session, I asked Fran to go back to the time when the focusing problem started. She was having trouble regressing back to that point, so I focused an energy ray, in this case, one of the rays that relates to the set of rays called Reiki, to help dissolve some of the resistances Fran was feeling. The energy relaxed her visibly physically, and allowed her mind to open enough to experience the following event:

Fran went back in time where she found herself as an old woman lying on the floor of a cave, alone. She was sobbing. The following dialogue is a reconstruction from notes taken during the session.

T: Why are you crying?
C: Everyone has gone.
T: Where did they go?
C: They are dead.
T: How did they die?
C: There was a sickness. Everyone died. I couldn’t stop it.
T: Go forward to the time of your death in this life.
C: I am in the cave. I am dying. I am alone.
T: What are the last thoughts you have as you die?
C: There is something wrong with the body. The body and the spirit don’t act together. I am alone. I am all alone.

I asked her to go to the time just after she had died, to see if she could learn anything in the between-life state. But the phrase, “There is something wrong with the body” just kept coming up again and again. Again, she was stuck, so I channeled more Reiki to her and again, I witnessed her physical relaxation and saw her mind opening to further experience thanks to the Reiki energy. I then instructed her to return to an earlier point in the lifetime to see if we could get more information.

At this point, Fran found herself running through the woods. She was barefoot and had an animal skin shift on. Her name was Juji. Again, the following dialogue is a reconstruction from notes taken during the session.

T: Why are you running?
C: They saw me. They are chasing me.
T: Who are they?
C: They are another group of people.
T: Why does it matter if they see you?
C: I went down to the lake. I was hiding behind some rocks. They saw me. They live by the lake. They told us to stay away from the lake.
T: Why did you go there?
C: I wanted that plant.
T: What plant?
C: A plant which only grows there that will help the people in my group. They are sick.
T: What are they sick with?
C: I don’t know. I want that plant.
T: Do they catch you?
C: I run back to the cave. Everyone is sick.
T: What happens?
C: There is a fight. There is blood. They tell us to stay away.
T: Then what happens?

(There is a long silence, and the energy of the session seems to shift somewhat.)

C: There is someone here.
T: Who is here?
C: Ro.
T: Who is Ro?
C: He is the medicine man from the group of people by the lake.
T: Why is he here?
C: I am the medicine woman from my group.
T: Why is he here?
C: He says he is sorry.
T: Why is he sorry?
C: The spell he put on me. It was strong. It kept me from finding the cure for my people. It has been with me ever since. He has been with me ever since.
T: Ask him if this is the source of that feeling that something is wrong with the body, that the body and the spirit do not work together.
C: Yes.
T: What else does he say?
C: He says he wants to be free. (She starts to cry).
T: How can he be free?
C: He asked me to forgive him.
T: Can you forgive him?
C: Yes.
T: Is there any part of you that does not want to forgive him?
C: No. Go, Ro, go. I forgive you.

(After a long silence.)

T: What did you learn from this experience?
C: I should not have tried to hurt him. But I was trying to help my people. Times were so hard. It was so hard to eat. Everything was a struggle. I was trying to help them. I didn’t realize I was hurting him. He didn’t realize he was hurting me. He was trying to help his people.
T: Go back to that feeling of something being wrong with the body. What do you feel about that now.
C: It’s gone.
T: What’s gone?
C: The body and the spirit seem closer together now.

During the dialogue between Ro and Juji, I felt the energy of several different rays spontaneously moving through me and into Fran’s body and mind. I have often found that the flow of the energy of rays is strongest at moments of self-forgiveness or forgiveness. The energy flows that the rays create are deep and long-lasting.

When Fran came out of the hypnotic state, she felt slightly disoriented. She said she felt lighter and different. I could see how the rays of energy had created a shift deep within her. She marveled at how Ro’s curse or spell had bound him to her for so many hundreds of years. The rays of energy had effected the release of that energy in a way that no words or images alone could have. The imbalance Fran was experiencing was on an energetic level deep within her psyche; the methods drawn from Integrated Energy Medicine are the only agents I know of that can correct imbalances at this level.

A few weeks later, Fran came to my office to report that she had made a decision about her career and she was looking forward to following up on it. She also said that she found herself laughing more and being less judgmental of those around her. She was smiling and her body moved with her words in a way that I had never seen in her. She said she felt a lot of gratitude to Ro and the things he had taught her. She felt more relaxed, but with a reinforced drive to make things better for others. She said she felt she was able to focus on issues clearly and make decisions without losing her train of thought.

The combination of past life regression, ray work, and hypnotherapy to release these energies, was profoundly life-enhancing for Fran. Depth Hypnosis combines a powerful set of modalities which can be used to help people access their life energy and move into a stronger relationship with themselves and their path.