Video: Finding Your Way Beyond Burnout: Redefining Service with Isa Gucciardi

Video: Finding Your Way Beyond Burnout: Redefining Service with Isa Gucciardi

In this talk, Isa Gucciardi challenges us to reimagine the way we approach work, life, and service. Many of us are in a state of distress as we try to grapple with the many collective and personal challenges we are facing. This can lead us to push ourselves too hard as we try to make a difference in our own lives and in the lives of those around us. This is especially true for those of us who are trying to manage the demands of family and work and for those of us who are in nonprofit or humanitarian kinds of work. Isa asks us to look at our expectations of ourselves as we try to help others.

Specifically, she asks us to look at our core beliefs about what being of service entails:

Are we required to sacrifice in order to serve properly? Does being of service require us to give up material benefits? How do we define ourselves based on how we serve others? She shows how understanding the answers to these questions can put us on the path of service in new ways that benefit us as much as it benefits those we serve. She points to the path beyond burn out and offers a new vision and new definitions of what it means to be of service.

This talk is an introduction to the on-demand class she teaches called The Path of Service through the Foundation of the Sacred Stream.

About Isa Gucciardi
In the mid-nineties, Isa Gucciardi began developing Depth Hypnosis as she entered into clinical practice. Her studies, both in academia and in the field of cultural and linguistic anthropology, comparative religion, and transpersonal psychology formed the basis of her approach with clients and students. As the body of work that grew out of her clinical practice became larger, she began teaching others so that more people could benefit from the techniques she had developed. In order to accommodate the number of classes that grew out of this process, she co-founded the Foundation of the Sacred Stream, which is now a school for consciousness studies in Berkeley, California, serving hundreds of students each year. Isa teaches and speaks nationally and internationally, and she has published numerous articles, podcast episodes, videos, and the books The New Return to the Great Mother and Coming to Peace. She maintains a private practice with institutions and individuals in Depth Hypnosis and Coming to Peace processes. Isa speaks five languages and has lived in eleven countries. She is the mother of two children and lives with her partner in San Francisco.