Blog: Insights Gained on the Path of Service as a Depth Hypnosis Practitioner

Blog: Insights Gained on the Path of Service as a Depth Hypnosis Practitioner

By Sasha Star Goclowski

One of the most important aspects of Depth Hypnosis is that it acts as a catalyst for the development of the practitioner as the practitioner facilitates healing for others. In this way, the practice of Depth Hypnosis becomes a life-long source of learning and insight for all those who participate in its processes. With a background in Yoga, Meditation and Midwifery, Sasha believes in the sacred sovereignty of each individual’s consciousness as she accompanies her clients on their journey to the well of wisdom within them. Here are some of her reflections on the learning she has received in her work as a Depth Hypnosis Practitioner. Her insights offer teachings for all of us striving to develop ourselves, even as we seek to help others heal and thrive, and speaks to the power of Depth Hypnosis to facilitate transformation on multiple levels.

I have gained many insights, as well as a sophisticated form of mind-body wisdom around the nature of human consciousness and healing from facilitating Depth Hypnosis sessions. I receive this wisdom through a felt sense in my body, through the voices and energetics and visual guidance of my guides, and through my clients as they speak and heal in real time as I bear witness.

In the process of practicing Depth Hypnosis I have learned:

• We heal together.
• We heal through facilitating and holding others in their healing.
• We hurt in relationship, and so we heal in relationship too.

Given these insights, it is no surprise that my clients are often navigating either similar or the same energy patterns, situations, power structures or places within themselves as I am. Our processes can be very different, or they can be the same. Our lessons and mistaken beliefs and trauma responses might overlap, but may also be very different.

In session, I continue to keep my mind and heart open to moment-to-moment guidance, because I know that no matter how similar our stories, our paths toward wholeness are unique and may include opposite actions or directions. Therefore, I never know what’s best for anyone except me no matter how similar our stories may appear. There are times when my client and I are navigating the same lesson, and in the same way, and that’s very interesting too.

I have learned much about the processes of healing and empowerment through facilitating Depth Hypnosis sessions. I have learned how well-protected my clients are by their own guidance outside of session. They are connected, guided, and held. I come to new levels of realization around this concept when clients report challenging weeks when integrating particularly deep sessions. When they report these challenges, I can feel a part of me being concerned, wanting to extend myself toward them, and another part pulling me more upright, toward my own power. I hear a voice saying, “Hold your power, and they will know how to hold theirs.”

Through my session work, I see the overarching patterns of the wounds that collective populations share – for example, women, or African Americans, or Native Americans. Another insight I have had is around the nature of our collectively-held traumas, especially the ongoing traumas that are a result of systemic injustices. I feel that these require both individual and group work in order to heal. I am learning how I might facilitate this in groups through the Coming to Peace process.

I have found that being a spiritual counselor in the process of Depth Hypnosis for others has brought me into greater levels of spiritual hygiene and fitness for myself. It has also refocused my work on developing my own understanding of the power of love and forgiveness, and helping my clients develop in the same way. This is in contrast to viewing healing as a path of self-improvement or as a means to an end. Being a spiritual counselor for others means showing up from a place of wholeness and meeting people wherever they are with love and compassion. It means letting go of my expectations or attachments around their engagement with meaning making, their healing process or their karma and life path.

I have learned that part of the self-care of a spiritual counselor is not just the maintenance of a spiritual practice or the pursuit of spiritual studies, it is the attitude and approach to life which views all situations as opportunities for spiritual growth and healing. I recognize that continuing on the path of refinement toward my soul’s purpose will ensure this. To this end, I see how important it is to take time for my own spiritual practice and self-care when serving others. For me, this means spending more time in nature, giving myself more time for creativity and play, more time to follow my joy, more time for rest, and more focus on bringing my work into the world.

In the past I have spent a lot of time striving and working toward goals. I still have goals, however, my attitude has shifted from grasping and reaching to embracing and cherishing what I already have. This vibration of gratitude and inner peace regulates my nervous system and radiates energetically toward my clients. Above all, I feel it is my duty as a Depth Hypnosis Practitioner to remain connected, and to remain curious about how I might connect more deeply to the great spirit that moves through all things.