Intention and Manifestation

Intention and Manifestation

Learn to set intention with clarity that can change your life! Understanding how to set intentions that bear fruit is a science, one that aligns you with the the forces of the universe. When you know how to set your intentions properly and positively, you will be better able to manifest the specific circumstances you desire as well as new and more powerful ways of being. In this class students learn the science of intention and manifestation. We will look at our relationship to time and to space and learn how to articulate and clarify our motivation so our intentions can become vehicles for what we wish to manifest.

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Tuition: $325
Workshop Format: This is offered as a Distance Learning course.

“I have been fascinated with manifestation for over 30 years, reading and studying everything from early 20th century mystics to the most current thinking on brain science. And something always seemed to be missing. This class has filled that sense of missing!! And I love the journey it charts. In pursuit of my intentions, I have a map for further personal growth, healing and transformation while developing a deeper relationship with the Universal Life Force animating our experience in ordinary reality. WHAT A GIFT!!”Barry L.
“As always, I am awed at the depth of these teachings, and the skill in which they are presented. It is at once complex, and yet delivered in such an accessible way that rests, and continues to work, long after the class is done. The gift of this class is that it meets you where you are in your journey and supports you in developing clear intentions, understanding how they can be supported, and shows you how to release the patterns that hold you back. Much gratitude.”Cindy R.

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Event Date/Time
Intention and Manifestation (Hybrid)
Distance Learning, Berkeley , California

Sat, September 28, 2024
11:30 am - 2:00 pm