Scholarship Spotlight: Reign S.

Scholarship Spotlight: Reign S.

The Sacred Stream’s scholarship program offers assistance to those who wish to study one of the many trainings offered, but are unable to afford the full tuition. We rely on the support from donors to help us bridge the gap of need. In recent years, we have tripled the amount of funding we offer students in the US and around the world. We are grateful for this support and would like to share some of the stories of the people that you have benefited from the generosity of the Sacred Stream community.

Reign is from California. She is a hard-working single mom whose dream is to open her own practice assisting people with recovery from addiction. She is in the Applied Shamanism and Depth Hypnosis Practitioner programs. As part of our Scholarship Spotlight Series, she offered her thoughts on what the Sacred Stream and the scholarship program mean to her:

“For me, the Sacred Stream community, teachings, and teachers are a piece of home I had longed for most of my life. The community and all it offers have given me access to essential tools for personal transformation; the teachings brought me deep within my purpose.

The foundation of this community is built on truth, compassion, knowledge, and love and allows me to become a part of the mission of good for goodness sake. It has been amazing to witness the outpouring of love from this community; not only does it provide students with scholarships, but also healing circles and space clearing for all who may need it.

Receiving a scholarship provided me the opportunity to access wisdom, support, healing, and guidance I had never previously experienced, and it has been, and It will continue to be, life-changing for me as I continue on the path of self-knowledge, love, and compassion for all beings.

It has been a lifelong dream of mine to be in service to others, to live intimately with the divine, and expand my understanding of the earthly experience; the generosity of the Sacred Stream has benefited me, but also those whom I am now in a position to help along their life journey. I had never imagined that I could do powerful healing work with myself and others, and now that is precisely what I am doing; thanks to the kindness of this community, I now have a way, as a single mother, to make a life for myself with integrity and love, and purpose. It is not an overstatement to say that this family, the Sacred Stream saved my life, and now I can hold space for the self-empowerment of others. I am eternally grateful.”

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