Podcast: Episode 50: Christina Rasmussen: Where Did You Go?

Podcast: Episode 50: Christina Rasmussen: Where Did You Go?

March 31, 2019

Description: On this episode, Laura speaks with Christina Rasmussen, acclaimed grief educator, and the author of Second Firsts and Where Did You Go? She is the founder of The Life Reentry Institute and has helped countless people break out of what she has coined the “waiting room” of grief to rebuild their lives through her Life Reentry Model. She describes grief as a catalyst for redefining identity and introduces a new model of grief based on the science of neuroplasticity. Her institute’s mission is to bring forth a new way of speaking about and embracing loss within the medical, corporate, and social environments. Her work has been featured on ABC News, Washington Post, Maria Shriver, and the White House Blog.

Christina describes to Laura the processes she has discovered for connecting with loved ones that have passed and the science that supports these experiences. They also discuss the personal tragedy that was the catalyst for Christina’s latest book, Where Did You Go?, and the joy that comes from this ability to change your relationship to grief. A skeptic of conventional mystical and religious descriptions, Christina instead draws on basic principles of brain science and quantum physics to explore other dimensions. You can find out more about Christina on her website, christinarasmussen.com.

This episode’s featured musical artist is internationally acclaimed Sarod master, Rajeev Taranath, who is considered one of the world’s leading exponents of the Sarod. He is the recipient of many awards, including the Indian government’s highest accolade in the arts, the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award, as well as the prestigious Chowdiah Award for excellence in the field of instrumental music. For more information about Rajeev and his music, visit rajeevtaranath.com.