Depth Hypnosis: Meditational Therapies and the Future of Buddhism (Download)


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Sacred Stream and Embodied Philosophy teamed up to present the Wisdom in Exile conference on Tibetan Buddhism, featuring some of the most well-known teachers in the field. As part of the series, author and teacher Isa Gucciardi presented an inspiring and informative lecture on how Buddhism is showing up in contemporary cultures, including the clinical therapeutic setting, with positive results. Citing Robert Thurman’s prediction that the future of Buddhism in the West lies, in part, in meditational therapies, and drawing from the meditational modality she developed, Depth Hypnosis, she discusses the ways that Buddhism is already bringing practical non-dogmatic methods of support to people and points to even more significant ways that Buddhism can help us find balance in our lives.

Included in this download:
(1) Video lecture (82:12)
(1) Audio-only lecture (82:12)
(1) Lecture transcript
(1) Meditation on Equanimity by Isa Gucciardi, Ph.D. (13:25)

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