The Symptom is the Teacher (Download)


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In this lecture, Isa Gucciardi discusses the different ways in which trauma can make itself known. She describes how symptoms of imbalance such as addiction and eating disorders offer information about deeper patterns that can be responses to unrecognized trauma. Isa explains how the methods of Depth Hypnosis follow symptoms somatically to their root causes – and how the catalytic processes in this model offer resolution of the symptoms by changing people’s relationship to them at their root.

This lecture is part of Tracing Trauma: On the Science & Somatics of Healing Trauma—an online conference featuring the latest research on the science of trauma, topics in traumatology, as well as a range of perspectives on responding to trauma from therapists, researchers, doctors, scholars, and somatic and movement professionals.

Included in this download:

(1) Video lecture (72:53)
(1) Audio-only lecture (72:53)

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